Services offered:
  1. Free branded website
  2. Σ Point of Sale
  3. Access to millions of Σ per month
  4. Free advertising platform
  5. In contact services with clients

Free Branded Website

Merchants/vendors are offered a free website to advertise their goods on the I need Stuff directory. The I need Stuff directory is the online portal for the Aetas economy. Merchants will be able to update and maintain their website, upload goods for sale and receive money in the form of Rand or Σ (Siegma) paid directly into their bank account upon transactions taking place. You will be given your own payment system!

The I need Stuff directory is linked to more than 50 Mobile APPs, ensuring that clients in your area will see your website and purchase your goods!

Σ Point of Sale (Σ POS)

Merchants/vendors will also receive a Σ Point of Sale (Σ Point of Sale). The Σ POS is free and allows merchants/vendors to transact in Σ. This is a fantastic advertising opportunity and allows merchants/vendors to access millions of Rand worth of Σ that clients can use to buy goods/services with. We have a strict policy of not duplicating vendors offering the same service in an area. Aetas work on a first come, first serve basis. We highly recommend that your business should become part of the very lucrative Aetas Economy.

Access to millions of Σ per month

Every 5000 clients that make use of Σ generate approximately Σ 5.5 Million Σ every month between them. That equates to R2.2 Million that is available additionally in your community. Only businesses with a Σ POS can tap into this vast amount of extra money. Don’t let this moment and opportunity pass you by!

Free advertising platform

All merchants/vendors will be able to advertise to clients in their area via the Σ mobile APP. This is a fantastic way to communicate with clients and new would be clients in your area or nationally (as per your business). In addition to the exposure of more than 50 different Mobile APPs our merchants will also enjoy the exposure that I need Stuff directory will afford them.

In contact services with clients

Your free website and mobile APP advertisement will generate a lot of new business for you. You will be able to manage all transactions from your Σ POS and make use of our in contact service to communicate with your clients. Arrange pick-ups or delivery times with your clients and exchange a quick conversation with your clients. All from your very easy to use Σ POS. The Σ POS is a web browser based system and can be downloaded on smartphones, tablets, laptops or computers.


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